Arriving from London in 1997, Graham Hobart has an unusual approach to photography, influenced by his upbringing and the influences of his childhood.

Growing up during a civil war in Africa  as well as having lived on three continents explains why his work is anything but ordinary. At age ten he was carving stone with native Zimbabwean artists . While still in high school he began casting bronze sculptures and painting in oils.

This was followed by a period of where he began to explore as much of the African subcontinent as he could, often by canoe or bicycle simply because roads did not exist.

"It was during these travels that I realized that I just had to have a camera to record all those wonders", Graham says when asked about the transition to being a photographer. So from the simple desire to share his stories with others he bought his first camera at age twenty-five and the next great adventure began.

After so many years the thrill of the pursuit of the perfect image hasn't left Graham. He explains, "Because people trust me with a camera I feel like I have been given a VIP pass to so many events and experiences that otherwise wouldn't be possible."

Graham Hobart has continued to involve himself in many diverse interests ranging from sculpture, to racing sail boats, to supporting the Arts and wildlife conservation.